'12/6/2021 1:16:15 PM'

In Long COVID, CPET Finds Abnormalities Other Tests Don't

Dysfunctional breathing, hypocapnia, and myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome were seen in symptomatic patients post-acute COVID-19 despite normal chest imaging and pulmonary function. Medscape Medical News

'12/6/2021 11:35:23 AM'

Nonmotor Seizures Delay Diagnosis of Focal Epilepsy

Delays in diagnosis of focal epilepsy are greater after nonmotor seizures, especially in children in comparison with adults, new research suggests. Medscape Medical News

'12/6/2021 11:25:59 AM'

Early Reports on Omicron Variant Are Encouraging, Fauci Says

'Thus far, it does not look like there's a great degree of severity to it,' Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CNN's State of the Union. WebMD Health News

'12/6/2021 10:53:20 AM'

PA Duo Make It Their Mission to Serve Uninsured Patients

Two physician assistants are changing the narrative surrounding uninsured patients through community, empathy, and hard work. Medscape Medical News

'12/6/2021 10:20:42 AM'

Seaweed Extract Stops COVID in Early Testing

As scientists hunt for alternatives for people who can't access vaccines for COVID-19, they are searching underwater in unexpected places to study the therapeutic potential of edible marine algae. WebMD Health News

'12/6/2021 9:39:28 AM'

Geneticists Have Reduced Use of the Term 'Race' in Papers

The decline of the word in papers on human genetics reflects a growing understanding of race as a social construct. But other trends may point to uncertainty about how to discuss different populations. Quick Take

'12/6/2021 8:10:47 AM'

Class I Recall of Percutaneous Thrombolytic Device

Arrow-Trerotola over-the-wire 7FR PTD kits are being recalled because the orange inner lumen of the catheter's tip may separate from the basket causing injury. News Alerts

'12/6/2021 7:52:19 AM'

'Shocking' Lack of Lifesaving Leukemia Drug at US Hospitals

Less than one third of US hospitals stock ATRA, a drug that can prevent potentially fatal complications associated with acute promyelocytic leukemia. Medscape Medical News

'12/6/2021 7:39:35 AM'

Reassuring Data on Rare Myocarditis After COVID-19 Vaccination

Most adolescents and young adults recover quickly from the rare complication of myocarditis following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination, a new study shows. Medscape Medical News

'12/6/2021 7:27:16 AM'

Panel Recommends Energy-Based Devices as Treatment of Acne Scars

Panel suggests that laser resurfacing does not have to be delayed at least 6 months post isotretinoin in acne patients. Medscape Medical News

'12/6/2021 6:33:26 AM'

Is It Time to Change the Definition of 'Fully Vaccinated'?

Experts weigh in as the federal government urges everyone to get boosted amid concerns over omicron, a new covid variant. Kaiser Health News

'12/6/2021 6:03:27 AM'

Cruise Ship With COVID-19 Infections Arrives in New Orleans

Norwegian Cruise Line issued a statement that confirmed a 'handful of COVID-19 cases among guests and crew.' Associated Press

'12/6/2021 5:40:01 AM'

Texas Toughens Ban on Medication-by-Mail Abortions

Last week, on the day the Supreme Court heard a case that could overturn Roe v. Wade, Texas enacted a law that creates criminal penalties for anyone who prescribes medication abortions via telehealth or mail. Kaiser Health News

'12/6/2021 5:36:33 AM'

'Highest Survival' With Combo Immunotherapy in Advanced Melanoma

Half of patients treated with combination immunotherapy were still alive after 6.5 years, representing the longest overall survival observed in a phase 3 trial of advanced melanoma. Medscape Medical News

'12/6/2021 5:06:22 AM'

Politicians Split on Questions of Bodily Autonomy

Several Mississippi politicians have made it clear that they think the government should make abortion illegal. Associated Press

'12/6/2021 4:51:17 AM'

Both Sides Planning for New State-by-State Abortion Fight

Both sides seem to be operating on the assumption that a court reshaped by former President Donald Trump will either overturn or seriously weaken Roe. Associated Press

'12/6/2021 4:34:08 AM'

Ex-Nurse to Go to Prison for Sex Assault of Incapacitated Patient

The sentence was the maximum allowed under his plea agreement for the 2019 incident involving a patient with severe cognitive disabilities. Medscape Medical News

'12/6/2021 4:08:50 AM'

AMA: Congress Needs to Stabilize Medicare Payments to Docs

Medicare physician fee spending fell $13.9 billion, or 14%, across all states and specialties amid pandemic; further cuts could hurt nation's doctors, says organization. Medscape Medical News

'12/6/2021 2:15:08 AM'

Donor-Derived Strains Predict FMT Response for Ulcerative Colitis

Core strains from human donors limited ulcerative colitis in mouse models, which may shape strategies for more effective microbial therapy. Medscape Medical News

'12/6/2021 2:00:37 AM'

Cirrhosis Comorbidities Tied to Worse Outcomes

Compensated cirrhosis patients with three comorbidities may be as bad off as decompensated patients with none. Medscape Medical News