'3/5/2021 2:18:05 PM'

Lemonade, Crowdsourcing to Help Fund Girl's Brain Surgery

Liza Scott's family is raising money for her upcoming brain surgery the old-fashioned way -- and the new-fashioned way. WebMD Health News

'3/5/2021 12:47:07 PM'

Dining Restrictions, Mask Mandates Tied to Less Illness, Death: CDC

Investigators compare rates of new COVID-19 daily cases and deaths before and after state mask mandates and the lifting of in-person dining restrictions. Medscape Medical News

'3/5/2021 12:38:01 PM'

Sun Exposure Linked to Reduced Pediatric MS Risk

The findings are consistent with the known role of low sun exposure as a risk factor for adult MS; the reduced risk is apparent even with the use of sun protection. Medscape Medical News

'3/5/2021 10:51:07 AM'

Certain DMTs in MS May Attenuate COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines are considered safe for patients with multiple sclerosis, a neurologist told colleagues, but those who are on disease-modifying therapy, or about to begin it, should be cautious about the timing of their shots. Medscape Medica...

'3/5/2021 10:49:35 AM'

Anti-CD20s Linked to Higher COVID-19 Severity in MS

Because other DMTs were not linked to extra risk, experts are recommending their continued use in treating MS. Medscape Medical News

'3/5/2021 10:32:37 AM'

Cancer Drugmaker Destroyed Records Before FDA Inspection

A manufacturer of cancer drug ingredients destroyed records that would have shown it was in violation of US FDA standards. It will pay $50 million in fines and forfeiture. Medscape Medical News

'3/5/2021 10:30:25 AM'

Physician Support Line: One Psychiatrist Making a Difference

A Pennsylvania psychiatrist has started a peer-to-peer physician support hotline with psychiatrist volunteers providing a sympathetic ear. Medscape Medical News

'3/5/2021 10:15:45 AM'

Pandemic Slices Medicare Physician Spending in First Half of 2020: AMA

Pandemic Slices Medicare Physician Spending in First Half of 2020 Medscape Medical News

'3/5/2021 10:13:53 AM'

Fever Scanners for COVID-19 May Be Inaccurate, FDA Warns

The FDA issued an alert that many of the devices use software that can make a person with a fever appear well. A false sense of security may endanger public health, researchers said. News Alerts

'3/5/2021 9:30:07 AM'

RECOVERY Trial of COVID Treatments Stops Colchicine Arm

Recruitment was halted for lack of efficacy in patients hospitalized with the disease. Medscape Medical News

'3/5/2021 9:20:08 AM'

Four Phases Help COVID Patients Ease Back Into Exercise

Patients who have had mild to moderate COVID-19 can start gentle activity a week after their symptoms have passed. Those who had severe COVID-19 or who have heart complications need more assessment. Medscape Medical News

'3/5/2021 8:20:56 AM'

New-onset Arrhythmias Low in COVID-19 and Flu

New-onset atrial fibrillation or flutter is uncommon in patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and occurs at a rate similar to that seen in patients hospitalized with influenza. Medscape Medical News

'3/5/2021 8:03:19 AM'

Maternal Chronic Conditions Predict Cerebral Palsy in Offspring

Several maternal chronic conditions increase the risk of giving birth to a child with cerebral palsy, based on data from more than 1.3 million Norwegian children. Medscape Medical News

'3/5/2021 7:50:51 AM'

Rural Women Receive Antibiotics for Longer Than Necessary for UTIs

The majority of antibiotic prescriptions for uncomplicated UTI are suboptimal because they are written for nonrecommended agents and durations. Medscape Medical News

'3/5/2021 7:41:12 AM'

NY Officials Altered Count of Nursing Home Deaths

Top aides altered a state Health Department report to omit the true number of people killed by COVID-19 in the state's nursing homes. Associated Press

'3/5/2021 7:35:45 AM'

RA Experts Highlight Key Developments Over the Past Year

A massive Swedish cohort study suggesting that biologic agents reduce the known excess risk of lymphoma in patients with rheumatoid arthritis was hailed as one of the high points of the last year. Medscape Medical News

'3/5/2021 7:29:25 AM'

Ovarian Cancer Prevention: How Patients Decide on Surgery

Patients consider the risk of cancer and menopause, as well as other factors, when making decisions about ovarian cancer prevention surgery, according to a small study. Medscape Medical News

'3/5/2021 7:11:54 AM'

What a Difference a Year Makes: California Poised to Reopen

Next month, nearly the entire state could see a return of inside restaurant dining, the reopening of movie theaters and other indoor businesses, far more children back in classrooms and competing in sports. Associated Press

'3/5/2021 6:54:50 AM'

Psoriasis Pathophysiology Insights Carry Treatment Implications

Several surprising recent insights into the pathophysiology of psoriasis may eventually lead to superior treatment strategies for this common T-cell-mediated disease. Medscape Medical News

'3/5/2021 6:52:28 AM'

A Swing and a Hit? Golf Beneficial in Parkinson's Disease

Playing golf improves mobility and balance in Parkinson's better than tai chi, the gold standard exercise for improved balance and falls prevention in this patient population, early research suggests. Medscape Medical News