'8/12/2022 3:46:47 PM'

Biosimilar-to-Biosimilar Switches Deemed Safe, Effective

While switches between biosimilars of the same reference biologic already occur for biosimilars with indications in different specialties, they do not meet regulators' interchangeability standards. Medscape Medical News

'8/12/2022 2:33:01 PM'

Polio Virus Found in NYC Sewer System

Discovery follows a report of a man in Rockland County stricken with polio and paralyzed. The last case of polio in the US was in 2013. Medscape Medical News

'8/12/2022 1:18:29 PM'

Sexual Dysfunction, Hair Loss Linked With Long COVID

The team analyzed 486,149 adult electronic health records from patients with confirmed COVID in the United Kingdom. WebMD Health News

'8/12/2022 1:16:20 PM'

Xofluza Approved for Treating Flu in Children

An antiviral medication that's been treating adults with influenza for years now has an application for children. FDA Approvals

'8/12/2022 1:07:15 PM'

Rat Sperm Produced in Sterile Mice

Researchers injected rat stem cells in infertile mice embryos which, when matured, produced morphologically indistinguishable rat sperm. Medscape Medical News

'8/12/2022 12:57:03 PM'

What Caused a Series of Cases of Melioidosis?

The disease is associated with travel to tropical regions, but none of the patients had a history of travel. Medscape Medical News

'8/12/2022 12:47:03 PM'

Experts Say Polio Not Likely to Spread in US

"But experts say the US is highly protected from the widespread transmission of polio, at least in areas that are highly vaccinated." WebMD Health News

'8/12/2022 12:40:55 PM'

US Tops 10,000 Confirmed Monkeypox Cases: CDC

Monkeypox cases have been found in every state except Wyoming. WebMD Health News

'8/12/2022 12:40:53 PM'

Risk Factors in Kids Linked to Stroke as Soon as 30s, 40s

Atherosclerotic risk factors present in children as young as 29 days are associated with significant risk for arterial ischemic stroke in the fourth and fifth decades of life, a new study suggests. Medscape Medical News

'8/12/2022 12:31:29 PM'

Generalized Myasthenia Gravis Drug Receives EU Approval

Approved in the US last year, efgartigimod (Vyvgart) is a first-in-class targeted therapy for patients with generalized myasthenia gravis who test positive for the antiacetylcholine receptor antibody. International Approvals

'8/12/2022 12:18:40 PM'

Best Approach for Low-risk HPV+ Oropharynx Cancers?

The question of whether primary transoral surgery or radiation is a better option for patients with low-risk HPV-related oropharyngeal cancers is still unanswered, despite new results from ORATOR2. MDedge News

'8/12/2022 11:59:11 AM'

Big Pharma Went All In to Kill Drug Pricing Negotiations

For more than a century, the drug industry has issued dire warnings of plunging innovation whenever regulation reared its head. In general, the threat hasn't materialized. Kaiser Health News

'8/12/2022 11:41:49 AM'

Seattle Hospital to Refuse Some Patients Due to Capacity

"All hospital systems (are) very much over capacity with very high census numbers, particularly because of an inability to discharge patients into post-acute care settings." Associated Press

'8/12/2022 11:36:31 AM'

Seniors Intend to Receive Variant-Specific COVID Booster This Fall

A poll from the University of Michigan found more than half of seniors are waiting for the next round of COVID-19 booster shots, many on the recommendation of a healthcare provider. Medscape Medical News

'8/12/2022 11:33:22 AM'

Black NFL Retirees Win Cases When Racial Bias Eliminated

The newly approved payouts are a victory for NFL families in the decade-long legal saga over concussions. Associated Press

'8/12/2022 11:08:14 AM'

Does Hidradenitis Suppurativa Worsen During Pregnancy

The highest prevalence of HS is among people in their 20s and 30s, so clinicians are likely to encounter female patients with HS who are either pregnant or actively thinking about getting pregnant. MDedge News

'8/12/2022 11:04:45 AM'

Pericoronary Adiposity May Predict LV Function but Not CAD

Assessment of pericoronary fat volume and attenuation index showed potential for diagnosis and assessment of coronary heart disease, but not necessarily coronary lesions. First Look

'8/12/2022 10:45:52 AM'

Air Pollution Contribution to Lung Cancer May Be Underestimated

New data comes from a Canadian study of patients diagnosed with lung cancer who had never smoked but who migrated from regions where heavy air pollution is the norm. MDedge News

'8/12/2022 10:33:57 AM'

Few Hepatitis C Patients Receive Timely Treatment: CDC

An effective cure exists, but experts say insurance restrictions remain a barrier to care. Medscape Medical News

'8/12/2022 10:29:28 AM'

'Obesity Paradox' in AF Challenged as Mortality Climbs With BMI

Mortality rose with body mass index in patients with new atrial fibrillation in a GARFIELD-AF analysis, which also examined BMI effects on bleeding with NOACs vs vitamin-K antagonists. Medscape Medical News