'10/27/2020 12:14:01 PM'

Artificially Sweetened Drinks Tied to Higher CVD Risk

Sugary and artificially sweetened drinks are each associated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, according to results from a large prospective cohort study. Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 11:41:56 AM'

End of the Road for High-Dose Biotin in MS?

High-dose biotin, a B vitamin used at lower doses as a food supplement, does not significantly improve disability or walking speed in patients with progressive multiple sclerosis. Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 11:39:21 AM'

CV Benefit of Eicosapentaenoic Acid Seen at All eGFR Levels

Daily icosapent ethyl safely reduced fatal and nonfatal ischemic events in patients with reduced kidney function in an extension of the REDUCE-IT trial. Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 11:10:24 AM'

Pandemic Pushes Residents to Improve Patient Communication

The experience of many residents and interns in New York City during the COVID-19 peak in the spring helped them hone their communication skills related to goals-of-care discussions, survey data show. Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 10:43:01 AM'

#BCSM: 'Invaluable Tool' for the Breast Cancer Community

The first online breast cancer support group, built around the #BCSM Twitter hashtag, has grown tremendously in the past 10 years, building connections between patients and professionals around the world. Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 10:37:16 AM'

AHA Adds Recovery, Emotional Support to CPR Guidelines

Updated guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency cardiovascular care from the American Heart Association emphasize physical, social, and emotional recovery after resuscitation. Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 9:32:42 AM'

Colleges Testing Wastewater to Find COVID Outbreaks Early

More than 65 colleges or universities in the United States are testing wastewater, often from dormitories, to anticipate and curb the spread of the coronavirus on campuses. WebMD Health News

'10/27/2020 9:16:33 AM'

Brain Imaging Reveals a Neural Basis for Partisan Politics

The differences between politically left- and right-leaning individuals may have neural underpinnings, results from a new brain imaging study suggest. Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 9:07:22 AM'

OSA Diagnoses Not Carried Forward to the Inpatient Setting

In a retrospective, single-center study, nearly 40% of patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) diagnosed in the outpatient setting did not have a corresponding diagnosis during hospitalization. Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 8:41:05 AM'

Consensus Guidelines Address Inpatient Diabetes Technology

The comprehensive document aimed at clinicians, hospitals, and researchers covers use of both continuous glucose monitors and automated insulin dosing systems in the hospital setting. Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 8:25:47 AM'

TDF Preferred in PrEP for Blacks and Women, Studies Indicate

"I think when we're comparing these two drugs overall, we have a clear benefit/risk, and we need to take both of these potential toxicities seriously," said a pharmacology researcher at ID Week2020. Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 7:47:35 AM'

When Should Students Resume Sports After a COVID-19 Diagnosis?

"The thing that you need to keep in mind is that this is not just a respiratory illness." Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 7:33:51 AM'

Delta Adds Hundreds to No-Fly List for Mask Refusal

'Wearing a mask is among the simplest and most effective actions we can take to reduce transmission, which is why Delta has long required them for our customers and our people,' said Delta CEO Ed Bastian. WebMD Health News

'10/27/2020 7:23:58 AM'

Now USPSTF Also Suggests Start CRC Screening at Age 45

The US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has issued a draft recommendation to begin screening for colorectal cancer at age 45 years. Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 7:12:10 AM'

Cerebral Blood Flow May Predict Postconcussion Recovery

The study is the first to examine changes in cerebral blood flow in children with persistent postconcussion symptoms, said an author. Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 6:59:48 AM'

Echoes of SARS Mark 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Chinese investigators caution that the current coronavirus has a clinical presentation resembling the SARS coronavirus from 2002. The CDC reports that five cases in the US have been confirmed.

'10/27/2020 6:49:39 AM'

White House: 'We're Not Going to Control the Pandemic'

Mark Meadows said the focus is on controlling 'the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics and other mitigation areas,' and that the administration is 'making efforts' to contain the virus. WebMD Health News

'10/27/2020 6:43:06 AM'

Antibiotic Use at VA Sites Climbs After Years of Decline

Are antibiotic stewardship programs resilient enough to withstand pandemic-size challenges? Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 6:20:36 AM'

Cannabis May Improve Liver Function in Patients With Obesity

Cannabis use is associated with a reduction in steatohepatitis and disease progression in people with obesity, results from a retrospective study show, but use was self-reported, so questions remain. Medscape Medical News

'10/27/2020 6:16:56 AM'

Acute Flaccid Myelitis: More Likely Missed Than Diagnosed

One reason for misdiagnosis is that AFM has features that overlap with other neuroinflammatory disorders, said Leslie Hayes, MD, who presented findings of a retrospective case series at CNS-ICNA 2020. Medscape Medical News